Come with us on an Ovens River Odyssey

We are continuing our virtual Twinning Tours with our latest trip being guided by Jamie Kaye as he took us down the Ovens River.

I have a soft spot in my heart for the Ovens River, as it was here that my husband caught and released his first Murray cod – we were so excited to see this beautiful fish and it certainly confirmed for me why my job is so worthwhile ? I was really pleased then, when Jamie Kaye offered to take us down the Ovens River for our Twinning Virtual Tour.

Jamie was one of our wonderful mentors in 2019, and he, along with mentee Alex Lewis paired up to look at creating fish habitat. Whenever he can, Jamie gets out in his kayak and this meant that Alex needed to as well – not that he was complaining!

Jamie also likes to share his love of rivers with others and so, a few years ago, he started chronicalling his paddling adventures and sharing them via his River Rambling website.  I you would like to paddle along this great waterway, have a preview by watching our tour and then head to the website as it will help you every push of the paddle –

Alex and Jamie looking at fish habitat from their kayaks. Photo: Jamie Kaye

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