Massaging the message for a good cause – the year that was…

The Moorabool River, one of three environmental water entitlements in the Corangamite region.

Mentee: Sarah Martin – Corangamite Catchment Management Authority
Mentor: Rennae Christensen – Victorian Environmental Water Holder

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About the project

Massaging the message, for a good cause – This CMA / VEWH mentoring partnership came together to “spread the word” about water for the environment in the Corangamite region in south west Victoria.

The Corangamite Catchment Management Authority manages delivery of water for the environment on behalf of the Victorian Environmental Water Holder. In the past the CMA has found it challenging to proactively engage stakeholders and the broader public in the environmental water program.  Under the mentorship of Rennae Christensen from the VEWH, Sarah Martin from the CMA drafted a practical communications and engagement strategy with the aim of improving relationships with key stakeholders and building water literacy in the community.

A map of the three environmental water entitlements in the Corangamite region, in the Moorabool River, Upper Barwon River and Lower Barwon Wetlands. Sarah’s Twinning project was to develop a communications and engagement strategy for the Corangamite CMA’s environmental water program.


“Rennae has been a valuable support in a very challenging year.

I’m new to the public sector, so Rennae’s insights into how government and policy works have been like “nuggets of gold”.

The Twinning Program is more than the mentor/mentee partnership, which has been great in itself; I now also have connections with people working in water across the state.”

– Sarah

Sarah and Rennae at the Warrnambool Twinning Workshop in February, pre-COVID. This was, unbeknownst to them at the time, the only time they would meet face to face in 2020. Photo: Colleen Hughson


“Sarah was fantastic to work with. She was always respectful of my time, valued the information I provided her and taught me more about her organisation through this program.

From the inception to completion of this program I feel like I am a much stronger Team Leader and know myself, the knowledge I have and my value more.

This program has such great learning opportunities for both mentor and mentee with wonderful people at the helm of the ship who saw us through a rough year and provided a safe place to be vulnerable and grow.”

– Rennae



The Upper Barwon River, one of three environmental water entitlements in the Corangamite region.

Sarah and Rennae share their story in the following video, we encourage you to watch and enjoy 🙂

The Waterway Management Twinning Program is a structured mentoring program, focusing on improving the on-ground delivery of current Victorian riparian restoration projects. This Program provides an opportunity for the most effective approaches to be shared and adopted between all those working in waterway management across the State.