Our Alumni

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life forever” – Amy Poehler

The Waterway Management Emerging Leaders Program (formerly known as the Waterway Management Twinning Program) is all about building the social capital of the Victorian waterway industry. Social capital is made up of people, networks and relationships, often the areas of investment that are neglected in favour of more ‘on-ground’ works. We believe, however, that social capital is critically important, and that is why we are delighted to now have an active Alumni group who are building on their mentoring experience by prioritising ongoing connection and collaboration with each other.

We held our inaugural Alumni Workhop in July 2019 and you can read the story about this event below. We have also grouped the Alumni into years to make it easier to find people you might know you have been involved in the Program. The Alumni are now working on developing their next steps with an annual Alumni workshop, attendance at the Graduation event for current mentoring participants and a Linked In Group the beginnings of a plan for developing what promises to be a vibrant Alumni.

2019 Participants

Helen Watts
Corangamite CMA
Sharyn RossRakesh
Melbourne Water
Kirsten Knight
Yarra Valley Water
Bryana Bissett
Wimmera Catchment
Management Authority
Patricia Geraghty
Victorian Catchment
Management Council
Michael Broughton
North East Catchment
Management Authority
Sarah Gaskill
Melbourne Water
Nova Irawati
Yarra Valley Water
Jamie Kaye
Water Technology
Alex Lewis
Glenelg Hopkins CMA
Rhonda Butcher
Water’s Edge Consulting
Marnie Ellis
Latrobe Catchment Landcare
/ West Gippsland CMA
Eleisha Keogh
West Gippsland CMA
Janice Taylor
Previously DELWP Regional
Water Monitoring Partnership,
now VEWH
Angela Gladman
North Central Catchment
Management Authority
Jennifer Johnson
Moorabool Catchment
Landcare Coordinator

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2018 Participants

Fiona Spruzen
Ruth McDonnell
Yarra Valley Water
Stephanie Suter
West Gippsland CMA
Simone Wilkie
Melbourne Water
Adam Barber
Melbourne Water
Matthew King
Warnambool Landcare
Kirsten Roszak
Goulburn Broken CMA
Natalie Dando
North East CMA
Britt Gregory
North Central CMA
Tony Baker
Mallee CMA
Andrew Lowes
Murray Darling Basin Authority
Tamara Boyd
Intrinsic Scope Consulting
Robyn Mckay
North Central CMA
Special project:
Siwan Lovett
Australian River Restoration Centre
Jennifer Emeny
Warnambool City Council
Trent Wallis
RMCG Consulting
Kira Woods
Sarah Ning
Murray-Darling Wetland Working Group

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2017 Participants

Lisa Duncan
Jarod Lyon
Arthur Rylah Institute
Lori Gould
Australian River Restoration Centre
Kerstie Lee
Up2Us Landcare Alliance
Adrian Martins
North Central CMA
James Nelsson
Loddon Plains Landcare Network
Joel Rawlinson
Amy Russell
North Central CMA
Mark Turner
Goulburn Broken CMA
Matthew Vogt
Yarra Valley Water
Helen Arundel
Glenelg Hopkins CMA
Daniel Besley
Melbourne Water
Helen and Dan: Waterway strategy development and community engagement.
Dan Garlick
West Gippsland CMA
Chris Jones
Arthur Rylah Institute

Dan and Chris: Riparian assessment and communication
Sharnie Hamilton
Murray and Lower Darling River Indigenous Nations
Adam Hood
Sharni and Adam: Using GIS in Aboriginal Water Assessments
David Stork
West Gippsland CMA
Les Tate
Les and David: Engaging with community in Rainbow Creek

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2016 Participants

Adam Bester
Glenelg Hopkins CMA
Emma Wolters
North Central CMA
Lucy Cameron
Glenelg Hopkins CMA
James Shaddick
North Central CMA
Steven Ryan
Glenelg Hopkins CMA
Renae Ayres
Arthur Rylah Institute
Craig Copeland
Lisette Mills
Basalt to Bay Landcare
Gavin Brock
Alannah Wright
Melbourne Water
Lisette and Gavin: Engaging local government in waterway management.

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