Trekking down the Tarago and Bunyip Rivers

Sarah Gaskill from Melbourne Water takes on a trek down the Tarago and Bunyip Rivers in Gippsland, Victoria. We start at the headwaters and move our way down through beautiful forests, spots to camp by the river and into open agricultural land.

Providing environmental flows for fish is a key focus of the tour, with Sarah sharing her knowledge of Australian grayling, Blackfish, Tupong and Lamprey, all species that need flows to help them move upstream and downstream to complete their breeding cycle.

It is a great tour with spectacular photos, and Sarah’s conversational approach shares her love of this river, and why it matters to her, and the ecological and human communities that depend upon it.  We recorded the tour on RuOK Day 2020, and it was a great way to remind us of our need to stay connected with nature (even if it is virtual), as well as with each other for our emotional wellbeing.

Sarah (left) and Nova (right)

Sarah was part of our 2019 Twinning is Winning Program. She was a mentor to Nova Irawati from Yarra Valley Water and you can read more about their work together here.